Dress Code

CUSD Dress Code

The parents/guardians of the Ceres Unified School District are charged with the responsibility of dressing their children in a neat and clean manner. In addition, under normal circum­stances no student should attend school wearing any kind of clothing, costume, and/or hairstyle which will tend to interrupt, disturb, or interfere with the normal education­al program being conducted either on the campus, in the classroom, or negatively affect the health and safety of individuals.
Students must dress in such manner that will conform to good taste. Explicit or implied profanities and/or obscenities are not accept­able. Any items of clothing, jewelry, footgear, or headgear that could cause injury or determined to be disruptive to the normal education program or to any person or school district property are prohibited. (cf 6136 Gangs) The following guidelines shall be in effect at all school-related activities except where modified by the site administrator for specific extracurricular activities or specific cases.
1. No gang-related attire as determined by the school administration.
2. Pants must be worn at the waist. Pants and shirts must not be more than one size too large or one size too small.
3. Attire which is sexually suggestive as defined by the administration is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: low-cut garments, strapless or off the shoulder tops, shirts with straps less than 2 inches wide, bare midriffs, tank tops or muscle shirts, undershirts, fishnet tops, shorts which are shorter than mid-thigh or finger-tip length, and skirts shorter than finger-tip length.
4. Attire that advocates, advertises or symbolizes any type of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or acts which are illegal, violent, obscene, or hazardous to one’s health is not allowed.
5. Shoes must be worn at all times. Slippers are not safe and are not appropriate for school.
6. Clothing, jewelry, and other accessories which present a safety hazard to the wearer or others are not allowed. 7. Make-up must not be disruptive or distracting to the educational process.
8. No caps, hats, or head covering may be worn during school hours. The only exception will be CUSD approved hats (approved hats are available through District Office) pursuant to Ed. Code 3583.5 which are to be used outdoors for sun protection. These hats may not be altered. No bandanas are permitted.
9. Sunglasses or hoods may not be worn in school buildings.

The consequences of dress code violations are stated in the CUSD Conduct Code. The Ceres High School dress code remains in effect while students are in attendance at any school activity whether on or off campus.