Media Arts

Ceres High Media Arts Instructors

Tim Heintz
Kristin Swanke
Olivia Vigil

Contact Information

Youth Advisor

Christina Ruiz

Media Arts Pathway Lead Teacher

Kristin Swanke   

How to Enroll in a Media Arts Course

Ballot for a Media Arts course for the upcoming year or speak with your Learning Director.


Course Offerings

4532/4633 P Computer Graphics I 9th-12th Grade
 Prerequisite: None Grad Credit: Fine Art College Prep: CSU/UC (f) This course is one in which students will express their original creativity visually and develop their ability to communicate ideas through a variety of graphic media. Students learn the basics of digital art in preparation of original art, combining typography, page layout, and integrated graphic elements. Students will have an intermediate knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator after finishing this course.  

536/4537 P Advanced Dig Photo/Graphics 10th-12th Grade Prerequisite: ‘C’ or better in Computer Graphics I Grad Credit: Fine Art College Prep: CSU/UC (f) This course is a second-year computer arts course, where students explore advanced integration of digital media including digital images and computer graphics. Students work on digital art projects from concept to completion, while focusing on media and visual communication. Students advance their knowledge in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. With the completion of this course, all students will have an extensive portfolio showcasing their digital art abilities. Students will have the opportunity to take the Adobe Certificates.

45328/5329 P Video Production 9th-12th Grade Grad Credit: Fine Art College Prep: CSU/UC (f) This course is designed for the student interested in creating and producing videos for documentaries, reports, instruction, and individual creative interests. The course introduces concepts in production, taping, lighting, sound, blue and green screen technology, and linear editing. The student will use WeVideo for production software. 

Media Arts Course Information

Pathway to Adobe Certificates

If you take Computer Graphics 1 and the second year Advanced Digital Photo/Graphics you are eligible to take the Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Certificates!


Career & Job Opportunities

Video Game Design

Creative Director
Art Director
Lead Game Designer
Technical Art Director
Lead Animator Character
Animator Character Rigger
TD Game Designer
Level Designer
Storyboard Artist Concept Artist
Characters Environments Level Artist
3D Animator Visual Effects Animator
3D Modeler Character and Props Texture Artist and more!

Animation/Digital Artist

2D Animator 3D Animator
3D Modeler
Visual Effects Artist
Compositor Storyboard Artist
Concept Artist
Character Designer 
Stop Motion Animator and more!


Graphic Design

Graphic Designer
Typographic Designer
Print Designer
Package Designer
Publication Designer
Branding and Identity Designer
Corporate Communications Designer
Environmental and Retail Designer
In House Graphic Designer
Communications Director
Music Industry / Entertainment Designer
And more!

College Solutions

Associate Degrees (2 years)

Associate of Arts
Graphic Design
Game Design
Web Design & New Media

achelor’s Degree (4 year)

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Graphic Design
Game Development and Design
Web Design & New Media
Communication and Media Technology
Industrial Design
Motion Pictures Television
Sound Design
Visual Development
Digital Media

Interns in Media Arts: $24k – 33k per year

Graphic Designer: $29k – 78k per year

Digital Production Artists: $47k – 105K per year

Animators: $45k - $70k

Lead Artists/Animators: $65k - $80k

Game Designers: $40k - $70k

Creative Directors/Lead Designers: $45k - $90k

Note that the salary ranges are based on US earnings. The low number represents what to expect in the first year, and the higher number reflects 5+ years or more of experience. Salary ranges are not exact numbers but a general average to give you an idea of what to expect.